I’m using this blog to upload some Wiki articles I’ve written. I write infrequently but tend to put in a good effort when I do. This is also a good place to add some notes on things I couldn’t actually say on Wikipedia due to their rules. I mostly write on history related topics, particularly modern Irish history. My rule of thumb is that if I search for a topic that I heard about want to learn more about, only to find out there’s no Wikipedia article created, I add it to my list of articles to write about.

Outside of this, I work in finance, am a member of the Irish Green Party and other environmental orgs and am learning Spanish.

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Latest from the Blog

Aileen O’Brien

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aileen_O%27Brien Aileen von Vittinghof gennant Schell zu Schellenburg (née O’Brien; January 4, 1913[1][2] – October 30, 2000[1]), was an American[2][3] writer,[4] journalist,[4] and political activist.[5] She was a devout Catholic[3] and anti-communist.[3] She is known for her 1938 lecture tour of the United States, where she advocated on behalf of the Nationalist faction of the Spanish Civil War. Life and activism Aileen O’Brien was born on 4 January 1913 in SanContinue reading “Aileen O’Brien”

Templemore apparitions

In August and September 1920 the town of Templemore in County Tipperary, Ireland was the sight of alleged Marian apparitions. Thousands of people came to the town daily to see the apparitions.[1] The affair occurred during the Irish War of Independence and resulted in a short-lived local truce between the IRA and Crown forces.[2] When the truce ended, pilgrims stopped coming to the town and the sightings ended. The affairContinue reading “Templemore apparitions”

Silver Sisterhood

I wrote this one after coming across a passing reference to the ‘Screamers’ of Burtonport in the 70s. I hadn’t heard of them. Looking them up was certainly a wild ride but I found out that the group that went to the big house in Burtonport after them were just as weird, albeit quite different.Continue reading “Silver Sisterhood”

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